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Estimating & Scheduling

Reomart provide a full service of estimating and scheduling. Should you require an estimate of the reinforcement content in your project we can prepare a take-off from the drawings and provide your office with a written estimate based on the drawings and information provided.

As part of our standard offer for all jobs we can provide a fully detailed set of schedules to assist in both the manufacture of goods and the placement of material on site.

Contact your local Reomart office for more information and lead times on the Estimating and Scheduling Services we have on offer.

There are a range of delivery options available to our customers. We have in our fleet semi trailers, rigid body tray trucks and B Doubles. Most of the semi trailer and rigid body tray trucks also have fixed cranes on their body to assist with the unloading of materials at your site.

Should you require a specific type of vehicle to deliver to your site due to constraints on the site, please contact the Reomart office in your state for assistance in planning for your next project


Normal Delivery Metropolitan Alongside Job Site 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday 
Special Delivery Delivery outside Metro area, Outside Normal Hours, Saturdays
Reflor Delivery Metropolitan Alongside Job Site
Cages Delivery Delivery of Prefabricated Welded Cages Alongside Job Site


Bar Services

In addition to the standard cutting and bending of Reinforcing Bar, Reomart can also the following services

  • Welded Cages - Steel reinforcement can be welded as required in its final fixed form to alleviate work on site. Welded or Prefabricated cages can be provided for various works on site, including pier, pile and footing reinforcement.
  • Complex Bending – Three dimensional bending and other complex reinforcement bending of antiburst spirals, top hats, circular rings and radius bars are all additional services that Reomart can provide.


Contact your Reomart office for more information on any of the Bar Services available to you.

WELDED CAGES Prefabricated Pier, Pile or Footing Cages
COMPLEX BENDING Top Hats, Radius, 3-D Shapes & Circular Ties

Mesh Services

Along with Reomart's ability to supply your next project with our standard range of Reinforcing Mesh products, we can also provide your project with Reinforcing Mesh that has can be cut and or bent to your specific site requirements.

All cutting and bending of Reinforcing Mesh is performed to Australian Standards and this Service can assist you in the placement and fixing of reinforcement in difficult profiles of concrete slabs

CUT & BENT MESH Square & Rectangular Mesh Cut & Bent to Size
HARD DRAWN WIRE Hard Drawn Wire 6 Metre Lengths




Should you require the Galvanising of part or all of the reinforcement contained in your project, Reomart can arrange for the necessary works to be performed.

Reomart only use Galvanisers that conform to the relevant Australian Standards to ensure that your work is completed as required.

Please contact the Reomart office for more information on the Galvanising Services that we provide.

HOT DIPPED GALVANISED Hot Dipped Galvanised Bar & Mesh